UPOS Rentals

UPOS Rentals add-on is seamlessly integrated within the UPOS point-of-sale module and provides all features required to effectively manage a rental inventory, reservations, rental revenue, returns, deposits, late fees, and confirmation of valid credit cards on file.

* Schedule rental reservations for customers!

* Assess, Collect, and Track late charges!

* Ability to collect and return deposits

* Automatically print unique barcode labels for allocated rentals!

* Effectively manage your rental inventory!

* Ability to transfer stock inventory to rental inventory and vice-versa

* Retire rental inventory and sale retired inventory 


* Rental specific reports


* Ability to determine and track missing, stolen, or items physically in store

   with an incorrect rental status

* Plus a lot more....... 


*   Provides for a smooth and efficient way of selling and renting inventory items in a Point-Of-Sale environment.  UPOS provides the ability to rent items for  fixed or varied rental periods.  

*   Allows you to allocate quantities of an inventory item for rental use.  Each item that is allocated for rental use is assigned a rental barcode to be scanned during order entry at the time the item is rented.


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