Sales Order Credit Card Processing 

SO-CCP is an add-on module that allows a user to pre-authorize and                                authorize credit cards from ACCPAC Pro Series Order Entry Module.

SO-CCP Brochure.pdf


How Does SO-CCP Work:

1. Sales Order Entry 

 Operator enters a Sales Order for a customer.


Sales Order Line Item Entry



2. [SAVE] Sales Order

Upon completion of the Sales Order, the operator is prompted "  Do a Credit Card Authorization for This Order? " 


Credit Card Authorization Prompt


If you answer "Y"es that you want to do an authorization, the " Credit Card Number and Expiration Date " are prompted for. After their entry, a request is sent via IC Verify over a standard dial-up line with modem to your Credit Card Processor (Bank or Service Provider) for Pre-Authorization for the order. Pre-Authorizations place a hold on the customers credit card for the total amount of the sales order.


Credit Card Number and Expiration Date Prompt


3. Enter Shipments  

As each order is entered for shipment (Pre-Authorized orders ) a message to that effect is displayed. Shipping places these orders in a batch and prepares them for settlement.

Pre-Authorization Shipment Prompt

4. IC Verify  

The credit card transactions created by  IC Verify during shipping can be settled whenever desired, though recommended at least once a day,  By selecting the settlement option directly in IC Verify.  All Pre-Authorized transactions are then batched electronically to the Merchants Processor for full payment.

SO-CCP  Pro Series Requirements:

*  IC Verify *

*  SO-CCP Pro Series  *

*  ACCPAC Pro Series Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable, System Manager (min) *

*  Merchant should have an approved( IC Verify) Credit Card Service Provider.

* (Approved Provider List is Available) *


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